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It is unmatched: in comfort and elegance. The collar collar version for a casual look. Accompanies the woman throughout the day. From work to leisure. From serious to trivial conversations. Happy hour and happy mess. It is demanding, to the rhythm of the times and wills. It has personality. It is a happy romance. Endless.

Structured Woman Blazer Peerless Romance - Beige

  • Blazer with plunging collar and piping application, structured with straight cut.
    Crepe fabric in the body of the blazer and in alive.
    Belt closure.
    Removable belt.
    Chest pocket.
    Two built-in side pockets.
    Eco-sustainable buttons.
    Long sleeve with opening at the front, with four buttons and two squares on each sleeve - this detail allows you to choose the length and effect of the blazer sleeve.
    Viscose lining, shoulder pads and card pocket.

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