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A blazer is not just a garment. It is the garment.


It's the statement that was missing in a look, the change in mood, the statement in front of a group. It is attitude, confidence, determination. It's elegance, glamor, timelessness. It is far beyond fleeting passion or warm love. It is passion that solidifies. It is love for a lifetime. It is a Timeless Affair.

Gabriela Baptista fell in love with fashion and the versatility of the blazer. She wanted to show it to the world, as it is, in its origin. And gave it a twist.

Just as we women adapt to the twists of life, so do the pieces. Today, a woman is not just a daughter, mother, professional. A woman is what she wants, when she wants. Just like our blazers: they mix materials, they combine in various styles. They mix with you, they blend with the world.


There are no rules. Just your attitude.




Gabriela Baptista focuses on detail - just like the little things in life that, after all, are what make the difference.

They are thought out in detail, from the selection of exterior materials to the distinction of interiors. During the fabric process, everything takes on a crucial place: strategically placed, they give the pieces an eternal structure. Gabriela Baptista blazers combine exterior elegance with interior comfort and quality.

They stand out for the originality of the sleeves, which, in the difference, adjust to the needs of an increasingly demanding day-to-day.


The buttons were carried to the front, with two squares on each sleeve - a detail that allows you to choose the length and effect on the blazer.

All the pieces were tested on several people with the aim of reaching a versatile result and adaptable to the requirements of each woman.

The Gabriela Baptista brand and the design of its products are registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property and are owned by the company itself.

All blazers are properly identified with the category, season and year to which they belong. Special Editions are also specified in products.

Gabriela Baptista is a proud Portuguese brand. Produced in the heart of the textile industry, in the north of the country, it has suppliers and partners with decades of experience.


Gabriela Baptista combines tradition with modernity. Traditional in values ​​- respect, justice, social equity - which, for the designer and the brand, never go out of style. To be Modern in attitude and continuous investment in research and innovation.

Gabriela Baptista is a proud Portuguese brand.


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