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The use jewelry is likely to wear them out: gold and silver are soft precious metals, which are subject to natural wear and tear.


Silver, in particular, may tarnish over time, but this process will progress more rapidly if the metal comes into contact with various agents, such as perfumes, chlorine, salt water, creams, sunscreen, and make-up.

Likewise, gold and black rhodium plating tend, under the same effects, to fade over time, but may last longer depending on how the piece is used and storaged.


These processes depend on various factors and routine care, and are considered normal wear and tear and not a manufacturing defect.


Note: The maintenance of the jewelry pieces Gabriela Baptista, Lda is assured by the brand, and is not covered by the warranty.



Avoid exposing jewelry to household products, perfumes, chlorine, salt water, creams, sunscreens and makeup.


Storing the pieces in an appropriate place is also important. After using your pieces, we advise you to store them in a box or bag, like the ones we offer.


Do not leave it in a damp place.


Clean your Gabriela Baptista garments frequently with a clean, soft cloth.


Please keep in mind that sometimes the PH of the skin can intensify the jewelry color changes.

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