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According to European law, all silver and gold products must be hallmarked. The contrast must include the type of precious metal and its purity. Gold jewelry with a mass of less than 1gr. and silver jewelry with a mass of less than 5gr. do not have to be hallmarked.


All pieces are produced in Portugal, in silver 925 and gold 375 (9 carat).

Gabriela Baptista, Lda jewels are certified by INCM - Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda, S.A..INCM provides this guarantee by checking the legal touch (precious metal per thousand contained in an alloy) and the application of hallmarking with the responsibility mark, manufacturer or equivalent.


All jewelry present in this website are legally marked, when applicable, to guarantee its quality, originality and compliance with the legislation in force.


Please check here the legal trademarks of the Portuguese INCM.  IMAGEM COM VERSÃO EM INGLÊS?

All the articles are legally marked when applicable.


All the pieces are made in silver 925 and gold 375 (9 carat)


For more information about the process, guarantee and certification made by the INCM (and Portuguese Assay Offices), please visit the Hallmarking page.


The site is managed by Gabriela Baptista Unipessoal, Lda. with VAT number PT515192139, CAE 47910 with activity title number T3668 jewelery Retailer - Distance Media.

Gabriela Baptista Lda. sells it's jewerly with authorized and certified precious materials. You can follow the princes of metals at the page of Banco de Portugal and LBMA. 


Gabriela Baptista, Lda offers a 2 years warranty on all products from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover the cost of repair when the damage to the product is induced or due to normal use, loss of product, loss of stones or theft.


During the warranty period the item that has a manufacturing defect will be repaired free of charge or replaced with a similar model.



Excluded from warranty are materials subject to breakage, loss, theft, deterioration, oxidation, defects caused by blows, including deformation originated by daily use and/or inappropriate, unsuitable conservation and cleaning, improper handling, modifications of the original product and repairs not authorized by the brand.

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