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The passion for fashion, design and creation.

The passion for design and fashion has been around since I was 6 years old. The dolls fascinated me. At the time, I went on purpose with my mother to the fabric stores to buy materials to make clothes for them.


Later at age of 12 I began to assert myself. I already decided what I wanted to wear and knew how to distinguish the patterns and colors that suited me. Around the age of 16, I began to gain a taste for design, especially clothing.

In college, when I opted for the degree in Fashion Design, there were two things that I needed: creation and innovation. It was especially at that time that my desire to create, innovate and monitor all processes until the production of products was highlighted. Moving from “digital” creation to materializing the whole process to the final product motivated me to follow this area.


I did a Master Degree in Fashion Design at the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon. My thesis was about Television Image Consulting and at that time I started working in several areas: as a stylist, developing editorials for fashion magazines and lookbooks for various clothing brands. In line with the theme of my thesis, I have also done to wardrobe for various tv stations.

"Who is Gabriela Baptista?"

casaco preto.jpg

It is “the piece” that I consider essential in the female wardrobe and that affirms a woman.


I have always been in love with the Blazer icon.


There are no brands in Portugal that specialise only in women's blazers, worked in a unique and personalised way. That's why I created my own brand. In addition to the innovation factor, all details, materials, accessories and the process of production are seen and approved by detail.


I wanted to recreate the blazer piece, make it different. And the process started from a need I identified. Nowadays, almost all women fold the sleeve of the blazer and what is usually shown is the lining. But why hide such an important detail as the buttons? And so comes the brand innovation: developing a blazer with an adjustable sleeve.

Thus, the woman leaves the skin in sight - a detail that gives elegance and length to the arm. Gabriela Baptista blazers have four buttons and two squares on each sleeve. These features allow women to choose the length and effect of the sleeve and give the blazers a unique style.

casaco preto.jpg


In the course of this project there were, for me, two key points: self-confidence and determination. Everything takes its time. We need to believe in our idea and show it to make it real, never neglecting other people's opinions. Speaking, arguing, listening to their constructive criticism - whether from fashion or not - should all be valued.

The brand expresses my emotions,

passions and memories.


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